I started taking lessons from Jason later in life then most. You can imagine how apprehensive I was. Let me tell you Jason is amazing. Not only did he make me feel welcome but had me “making music” in the first lesson.  Jason’s style of teaching makes it fun and enjoyable. His knowledge of music is extensive and he imparts the knowledge in a way that is easy to grasp. I recommend Jason to anyone who would like to enjoy making music, it will last a lifetime 🙂

As President of The Georgia Pick and Bow, it is with pleasure I recommend Jason. His easy style works wonderfully with kids of all ages.  The young folks are always amazed at how fast they are making music and how much they are having. His knowledge of music is extensive and he imparts so easily. He is truly gifted in both making music and teaching it!

Ben Plowman, President of Pick and Bow

Never underestimate the importance of finding a guitar teacher that understands what it will take you to learn. I’ve been playing with my guitar for over 10 years, but under his teaching, I’ve overcome many of my bad habits. Overthinking what you’re doing really makes it difficult for you to understand.  He really understands what it takes for you to understand what he’s trying to make you understand in an understanding way.  And he will teach you the same thing over and over until you understand.   Even if he’s feeling under the weather, he’ll still come over to teach.  He’s underpriced and over skilled. 
Phil C.